When your beloved pet dies, it has a major impact. It is needless to say that it will be a terrible loss, a pet feels like a full-fledged family member - and we also like to commemorate a pet when it dies. We understand this like no other and therefore offer various services to realize this. Our services range from Great Dane to small rabbit - from a bearded dragon to a parakeet.

Naturally, this topic raises many questions. This page will answer many of these questions.

What is possible?

First of all, we can taxidermy your pet. On this page you will find some pictures of pets that we have made. If you choose for a mounted taxidermy, it is also possible for dogs and cats to place an urn in the preparation. Of course this is not the only option, you can also choose to have only (parts of) the skeleton or skin preserved. Everything is possible with us, nothing is crazy. You can always contact us for specific wishes.

How much does this cost?

The prices vary and depend entirely on your wishes. We would be happy to inform you about this by telephone or email. Please note – pet taxidermy is a very specific field and therefore a costly service.

My pet has died, what now?

When thinking about getting your pet preserved, it's important to act quickly. It is always advisable to contact us by phone or email. We strongly recommend freezing your pet within 24 hours. In this way you prevent a lot of damage to the skin of the animal. It is important to keep it as cool and dry as possible.

How does it work?

We understand that this process of saying goodbye to your pet is hard. As soon as your pet arrives at our workshop, we will sit down with you and we will discuss your wishes. We offer a lot of possibilities: besides a mounted taxidermy piece, we also preserve parts of the skeleton, the coat and lots more. When you choose for taxidermy, it is very important for us to receive a lot of pictures of your pet. For us, this is a way of getting to know your pet. During the taxidermy process, we will keep close contact with you. This way we involve you in the process.


As a taxidermist, we mainly use the skin. When it comes to pets, we also use some bones: the skull and the bones of the legs are very characteristic of the individual animal. We can not use what’s left, but we also like to give these remains a dignified farewell.

Since 2021 we have had a great collaboration with Dierenuitvaartcentrum Venlo. They use the Aquamation technique. Water cremation, also known as resomation, is a process in which human or animal remains are decomposed in heated water under pressure and with the aid of potassium hydroxide. It is also explained as the accelerated decay of a body.

Placing your pet in a bath of water, regulating the temperature and adding an alkaline liquid will aid the decomposition process of your pet's body. The scientific term of this whole process is alkaline hydrolysis.

This new method, referred to by the manufacturer as Aquamation, is 90% more energy efficient and 90% less harmful to the environment. In addition, 20% more ash goes back to the family and there are no soot particles in the ash, so that the ash has a beautiful white colour.


Taxidermist speaking

Wesley Kevenaar has been doing taxidermy for over twenty years. Over time, he has specialized in pets. “With pets it is very important to take your time. The customer's story and the photos brought along are leading for me. I really want to get to know the pet that way. This allows me to present the best possible representation of how you know your pet. We treat pets with the utmost care and we always maintain close contact with the owner during the setting up of your pet”.

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