Mounting and restoring

Mounting and restoring animals does not only require expertise and experience, but also talent and passion are inextricably linked to quality. Studio Bouten has been doing this for over a century as the best. Always with love for nature and regard for animal life after death.

Bouten uses a wide variety of techniques and materials. All animals that either have to be mounted or restored are carefully thought out and the animals are delivered to the client with the apparent preservation of soul. For the immortalization of a lovely little dog or a pet parrot from a private client until elephants, giraffes or even a Grizzly bear for a museum, filmset or special (art) projects.

The animals will remain their uniqueness, thanks to honest craftmanship which meet the highest international standards for quality. With regard for an endless second life, for all animals.

Taxidermy studio Bouten is also specializes in restoring antique mounts. Animals with an impressive past will have a respectful, renewed future.
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