Best pet taxidermist
European Champion 2021 / 2023
Over a 100 years of experience

Welcome on the website of Taxidermy Studio Bouten from Venlo, the Netherlands.

Taxidermy Studio Bouten is an ambitious enterprise which is active on large scale in the challenging world of taxidermy. Bouten has an unequalled name to keep high. Its clients contain both national and international museums, organizations and companies.

Obviously, private clients also make use of the knowledge and skills of Bouten’s professional taxidermists on a daily base. Not surprising, taking in account that Bouten has been active for more than a century and occupies a prominent position in the world of true-to-nature mounting and restoring the most diverse species of animals.

You can go to Taxidermy Studio Bouten for mounting on commission, but Bouten also focuses on rental and sales of mounted animals. From big animals to small animals and from rare species to your beloved pet. You can also visit the webshop for all required taxidermy supplies and additional products.

Experience, knowledge and skill make it possible that at Bouten Taxidermy Studio everything is open to discussion. All with regard and love for animal and nature.

Wesley Kevenaer, Europees kampioen prepareren. Jac Bouten


In 2018 zoological preparation company Bouten celebrated its 100th anniversary. An impressive past with ditto future thanks to Leo, Jac, Leon, Maurice and Wesley Kevenaar respectively. It goes without saying that Bouten's success is also made possible by all other past and present employees.
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